"We have previously built seven other homes, and we can honestly say none of the other builders even came close to the level of performance and satisfaction we have come to know with you."
"Huff Homes has the absolute best building reputation at Sandestin. You are easy to work with, demand perfection, and build homes with the best quality and workmanship available."
"My building experience with your company was extraordinary! Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality materials I received."

from William Shoaf

I have just finished my walk through of our new house, and we had not one issue that needed to be placed in a punch list. This was exactly what I expected would be the case, because I have had the pleasure of working with Johnny and his team for the past several months and their attention to detail, their dedication to creating an exemplary house, and their passion for the job they do is not something I see very often.


I have stood up almost $500,000,000 worth of high end hotels in my career and can count on one hand the teams I have worked with that match the quality of your associates at Origins. In addition to the leadership of Johnny and Michael, I have been constantly impressed by the dedication and care that John Boy, Blake and DJ took in making our new home as good as it could be. Your site was well run, clean (really clean) and each trade that came through the house were professional and on point.


You should be very proud of Johnny and his crew. We look forward to moving into our new home and thank you for building us a property that we are extremely proud of.